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The Recreation and Parks Association of Nunavut was initially established in July 2010.  In recent months, a working group committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities in Nunavut has come together to revitalize the organization. RPAN will strive to improve the quality and level of recreation services in our communities.

Recreation can be defined as those non-competitive physical activities that take place for leisure purposes in our communities.   Recreation plays a vital role in our wellbeing and brings people together to create stronger communities.  A healthy recreation sector provides maximum opportunities for the entire community, including people with disabilities, youth, the elderly and the disadvantaged, to participate in activities.

RPAN is supported by Sport and Recreation Nunavut, a department of the Government of Nunavut, who is equally committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups and the Nunavut community through participation in sport and recreation. RPAN is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and maintains a strong relationship with Sport Nunavut.

The benefits of participating in sport and recreation activities cannot be under estimated and they include personal health, social cohesion, community spirit and pride, improvement in quality of life, reduction in anti-social behaviors, reduction in stress, and strengthening of families and neighborhoods.  It is also necessary to consider current and growing trends when developing community services.  People are embracing the “active for life” or “wellness” concept, trails are becoming increasing popular, sport tourism is an increasing market, aging populations are becoming increasingly more active and fewer youth are participating in organized sport in favor of casual activities.

Additional benefits include:

  •       Is essential health and well-being
  •       Increases self-esteem
  •       Promotes social cohesion
  •       Builds leaders
  •       Promotes leadership
  •       Creates employment opportunities
  •       Reduces use of drugs and alcohol
  •       Creates community pride
  •       Creates healthier and happier communities
  •       Provide the key to balanced human development
  •       Provide a foundation for quality of life
  •       Reduce self-destructive and anti-social behaviour
  •       Are a significant economic generator

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