The Recreation and Parks Association of Nunavut (RPAN) recognizes the dedication and achievements of recreation professionals, volunteers, and organizations in northern communities for their continuing efforts and achievements in promoting recreation and sport for all Nunavumuit.

The following Awards are presented to individuals, hamlets, municipalities or community groups to recognize their valued leadership contributions toward promoting recreation, leisure and healthy active lifestyles in their communities. Recipients are volunteers, professionals, involved citizens, youth or community groups. Recipients give their time, energy and commitment, developing relationships and partnerships, creating opportunities for recreation and healthy living. As well as, engaging and encouraging others to use open spaces and recreation facilities to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle.

Youth Leadership Award
Presented to a volunteer or group of volunteers 24 years of age or younger to recognize outstanding achievements in the improvement of recreation/ leisure opportunities at the local level, including but not limited to, volunteer efforts over the last 12 months. The nominee’s achievements should promote the value and benefits of active living and support a healthier future for their community.

Recreation Leader Award
The Recreation Leader Award recognizes a recreation practitioner who has made significant contributions to the growth and development of recreation services and who promote the benefits of physical activity and recreation. This includes leaders, supervisors, program managers, recreation coordinators.

Community/Organization Achievement Award
The Achievement Award recognizes a community, organization, or individual in Nunavut that has developed a new program, facility or approach to recreation and sport services. This award is presented to a hamlet, municipality, community group(s) and/or sport organization for substantial cooperative community effort. The award recipient will demonstrate a commitment to improving access and opportunities for community residents to choose an active and healthy lifestyle.

President’s Award of Excellence
The President’s Award of Excellence is the most prestigious awards presented by RPAN and recognizes long term contributions to the Recreation Sector at the territorial, regional and/or local level. Presented to an individual for their “lasting” achievement that has enhanced the public image and improved the services of recreation. Their efforts have resulted in the continuation of quality and improved service, increased shared advocacy and promoted a strong belief in the benefits of recreation in our territory.

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